Saturday, March 25, 2017

1840 Census Veteran's Census

This article tells of a secret hidden in the 1840 census.  Click below to go to the link.

Here is a quick summary.  On the back of the 1840 census, they listed veterans.  This would include Revolutionary War veterans.  In addition, if it was a widow receiving the pension, she would be listed.

An additional resource given is a published book with lists according to state.  You can find this at  Here is a link to the book.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thornton Library at Fond du Lac County Historical Society Posts Indexes

Tracy Reinhardt has done a fabulous job as the director of the Thornton Library at the Fond du Lac Historical Society.   We are so very lucky to have her energy behind preserving this vast historical and genealogical resource.

One of her goals is to make the resources there more available to the public.  This week, several of the indexes WENT LIVE on the historical society website!  The following indexes are there as PDF documents.

Court Records
Marriage Applications
Military WWI newspaper clipping
Probate Books

Click here to go to the page.

I have linked directly to each of the indexes, so if you click on them you will get the pdf.  Have fun!  This is an incredible resource to have online and there is more to come.  

THANK YOU TRACY.  Funds are always limited at the Historical Society.  If you appreciate this resource,  please consider sending a donation.  You can designate it for the Thornton Library.   Make your check out to the FDL Historical Society - Thorton Library and send it to Tracy Reinhardt C/O FDL Historical Society, PO Box 1284, Fond du Lac, WI 54936.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Current Order Form for Fond du Lac County Genealogical Society publications

If you are interested in ordering books from the FDL society, you will find the current order form below.  

You can send your order with a check made out to Fond du Lac Co Genealogical Society to:  FDL Co Genealogy Society, PO Box 1264, FDL, WI 54936-1264

Include your Name and Mailing address.  This list was updated in May 2013

ORDER FORM (Effective May 2013)

Calvary Cemetery Inscriptions, Indexed  (Catholic)

Estabrook Cemetery Inscriptions, Indexed

Union & St. Matthew Cemetery Inscriptions
(Campbellsport)  Indexed

St. John Cemetery Inscriptions, Indexed
Lutheran (New Fane) w/ Church Records

St. Charles Cemetery Inscriptions, Indexed
(Taycheedah) Catholic

Forest Mound Cemetery Inscriptions (Waupun)

St. Mary Cemetery Inscriptions
w/Obituaries  (Eden)

Empire/Berry Cemetery Inscriptions w/obituaries

Avoca, Mt. Pleasant and Oak Center Cemetery Inscriptions (Oakfield township) Indexed

Rienzi Cemetery Inscriptions


Wedges Prairie Cemetery Inscriptions (2007)
(Waupun Township) Indexed

Births Vol. I  1847-1868

Births Vol. II  1868-1899 (411 pgs)

Deaths Vol. I  1853-1890

Deaths Vol. II  1890-1899

Marriages Vol. I  1844-1859

Marriages Vol. II  1860-1869

Marriages Vol. III  1870-1879
(over 7000 names)

Surname Book (Old)

per book


Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Room Schoolhouse of Dodge County

Some days are just filled with happy dance surprises.  Today was one of those days.  I was online researching a distant relative when I stumbled across the website of the Dodge/Jefferson County Genealogy Society.

One of my burning genealogy questions is where did my grandmother teach?  My father knew she was a teacher before she married his father, but he did not know where she taught.  We knew it was probably Dodge county.  BINGO!  The Dodge/Jefferson County Genealogy Society has an ebook up on their website on the one room schoolhouses of Dodge county.  I found my grandmother (and other relatives) in this book.

Click on this link or put this address in your web browser:

At the top of the page you will see the link to the ebook, "One Room Schoolhouse of Dodge County."  There are maps and even pictures of the schoolhouses and some of the teachers and students.  I'm going to spend hours with this resource!  A giant thank you to the Dodge/Jefferson County Genealogy Society for putting this reference up on the web.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Land Patents

One of the very first original documents that I found online was the land patent issued to my great great grandfather.  He settled in Wisconsin in 1848.

You can easily find your ancestor by name or research a location at the Bureau of Land Management website.   Click here to go there

You can also save or print out an image of the land patent.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Michigan Records

I looked for two years for my great great grandfather's sister.  My only trace of her was a family history written in 1964 that said she was last known to be living in Hastings, Michigan.  Many things in this oral history were incorrect, but I clung to this strand of information.  I did narrow in on possible families and at one point thought I had found her.  I sent away for her civil war veteran husband's pension file and had a giant disappointment when the file came and I found out I was wrong.  She was not this man's wife.

One night, when I couldn't sleep, I once again put her name (or her father or mother) into family search and up came a marriage record for her daughter.  I'm not sure what I actually used as my search criteria, but this was a major break as now I had her married name.  With this information, I went to the Seeking Michigan website and found a death certificate for her which correctly listed her mother and father.

Seeking Michigan has online images of death records for 1897 - 1920.   I like to start at the discover page as it shows you all the digital collections that are available at
Click here to go to the site

This is a wonderful resource.  After I did more research on my long lost ancestor, I found out that her husband was a civil war veteran!  I went back to, it has lots of civil war records.  I especially love looking through the portraits of soldiers.

Illinois Records

I think of Wisconsin and Illinois as sister states.   Here are some useful links for online information.

Cook County Illinois has an excellent site with searchable birth, death and marriage records.  You can search and find the basic information for free.  If you want the full record you pay a fee and then can download a digital image.
Click here to go to the site.

I discovered (by accident!) that some of the images of records are available for free on I found Illinois, Cook County Deaths 1878-1922, and retrieved a image of a ancestore's death certificate.
Click here to go to this record set.

The state of Illinois has a statewide Marriage index program 1763-1900. 
Click here to go to this site.

Illinois also has a statewide death index for 1916-1950 
Click here to go to this site

There is a separate index for pre-1916 deaths
Click here to go to this site.